Monday, May 15

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On Friday's there is a popular hashtag on Instagram, #fourIadore, where people share four accounts they particularly love.  Because of my happy friday posts, it's not a hashtag I tend to join in with.  However, I felt it was a lovely prompt for a series of posts right here on lily&Bloom. And what better way to start than with four of the most floral instagrammer's I follow.  Oh, and this is probably a good time to mention that I have a strong suspicion that flowers are going to take over all my posts for May. 
🌸  🌿  🌺

Laura is the photographer behind @circleofpines, and is also the author of another favourite hashtag, #littlestoriesofmylife.   As deputy editor of 91, the quiet aesthetic of the magazine is reflected in Laura's IG feed.  She also finds the most gorgeous, and perfectly fitting, quotes to accompany all those photos. 

I will admit to having a touch of the green eyed monster whenever I see one of Emily's posts.  Not only does she live in the lovely Derbyshire countryside, and manage to forage the most beautiful wildflowers, she has the most amazing collection of vintage goodies, not to mention a rather cute dog, the Harry of @harryandfrank.  Luckily she does share those vintage goodies, selling at local fairs and markets.  So for that reason, we will forgive her her envy inducing life!

I found Rebecca's feed after discovering her at her Etsy shop, and though she may be a recent addition to my IG crushes, she has quickly become one of my favourites.  When I tell you that her signature hashtag is #seeingthepretty, I think that will give you a very good idea how very lovely her feed is.

My final floral crush is niina, of @lillalivetandme.  This account has a beautiful simplicity about it, unfussy, yet able to capture light, and shadow in the loveliest of ways.

I'd love to hear about Instagram accounts that you adore, the ones that make you want to step into that world, ones that make you look at your own life, home and community a little differently?

{ have a happy day }

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